Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I submit an invoice?
    • So now you’ve finished the registration process – super. What now? Usually the next step will be to submit an invoice to your customer.
      It’s very simple. Just raise an invoice as you normally do – using any accounts package, an MS Word document or even a text file, we don’t mind – and then print your invoice to your new Lighthouse eInvoice printer driver. That’s it! You will get an acknowledgement message back, and then you can log onto the Lighthouse Supplier Portal and view the invoice.
  • Having issues downloading the printer driver?
    • Many companies have security options enabled which may prevent you downloading the printer driver.
      • The first thing to check is that your browser is not running a ‘pop-up blocker’ to stop downloads. You will usually see a message at the top of your browser. You may be able to temporarily switch off the pop-up blocker while you download the driver, and then re-enable it. Check with your IT support department if you can’t.
      • Your company may have ‘locked-down’ your desktop, so that you cannot install programmes such as the Lighthouse printer driver. You will have to get your IT department to install the printer driver for you.
      • If you successfully install the printer driver, but get a ‘Connection Failed’ error when you print an invoice, then you will need to ask IT to check your internet firewall to allow http and https access to the internet.
  • How can I change an invoice?
    • Sometimes you may find you have submitted an invoice with incorrect or incomplete details, and you wish to change it. This can be resolved on the Lighthouse portal, and to ensure that accounting rules for both you and your customer are consistent, you can handle this in either of the following ways.
    • Option one – you have inadvertently invoiced incorrectly, and you want to start again:
      • Issue a credit note for the full amount of the incorrect invoice and submit using the printer driver. A credit note looks just like an invoice, with the words ‘Credit Note’ instead of ‘Invoice’.
      • Raise a new invoice with the correct details. Remember that this is a new invoice, and must have a new invoice number.
    • Option two – you have raised an invoice with the wrong amount, and you wish to fix the amount
      • If the amount is too low, you can just issue a new invoice for the additional amount you wish to bill.
      • If the amount is too high, you can just issue a credit note for the surplus amount.
      • In both cases, the original invoice stays on the system. Bear in mind that you can always credit out the entire first invoice and reinvoice for the full amount with a new invoice number.
    • You cannot submit a second invoice with the same invoice number – the Lighthouse portal will always reject the second invoice as a duplicate. This is in line with standard accounting practice, but also makes sure that your customer knows which invoice to process and pay.
  • How can I delete an invoice?
    • Once you have submitted an invoice to a customer, you cannot delete it. If you have invoiced incorrectly, then you should submit a credit note for the full amount.
  • What systems are supported?
    • The Lighthouse printer driver works on any Windows version, and with any application or accounting package. If you use other systems, or a high-volume invoicing system, please contact us for other options.
  • How do I register for the Lighthouse service?
    • You will have received an invitation and a registration code from your customer. Enter this code into the registration page on this website, and you will be guided through the process.

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