Supply chain finance

The Lighthouse Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solution provides working capital financing through an early payment programme to suppliers based on the value of approved invoices minus an early payment discount charge.

The Lighthouse SCF solution provides suppliers with access to working capital via a low cost, predictable and alternative source of funding.

How does Lighthouse SCF Work?

Lighthouse SCF works by providing visibility to all parties, (including buyers, suppliers, and financial institutions), so that suppliers can receive funding based on the approval of a purchase invoice. This visibility is provided via a set of services and technologies that automates the procurement and invoice approval processes.

Lighthouse SCF features:

  • Early Payment is available via a web-based SCF platform supporting multiple suppliers and multiple currencies
  • Invoices are sent electronically from your ERP system into the SCF system using electronic invoicing
  • The routing of invoices to appropriate buyers for approval is managed by the SCF platform
  • SCF platform manages automated invoice approval of submitted invoices with the buyer
  • Once invoices are approved, supplier can request early payment quotes and select invoices for payment
  • Suppliers are able to accept early payment offers on-line at any time up to the end of the early payment period
  • Payment is sent electronically to suppliers from the SCF platform
  • Event notifications is sent to the suppliers via e-mail
  • MIS information is made available online on the SCF web-based platform